Jogger Jumps in Lake to Save Stranger's Dog

Dog's owner also hit the icy waters

A dog-loving jogger jumped into the figid waters of Lake Michigan Wednesday to help save someone else’s dog.

The pooch, who was on a walk with his human companions, fell into the water along the lakefront downtown.

A man and his wife were walking their two dogs when one, Bebe, who was not on a leash, fell into the lake at about 10:15 p.m.

A man jogging nearby saw what happened and jumped into the lake after Bebe. Once in the water, he called to the couple saying he couldn’t get to the dog.

The man on land then jumped in and the two men and the dog were able to swim to a boat landing nearby.
The three climbed to safety and no one, including Bebe, was apparently injured in the incident.

The dog owner was not ticketed for not having a leash.

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