Joan Harris

Aug 2010- Mil Pk and Carole 016

My mom is the hardest worker and most selfless person you will ever meet.  My mother showered me with love and affection from the moment I was born.  We had a strong mother-daughter relationship from the start, but unfortunately, we were separated when I was five years old through no fault of our own.  This was an extremely traumatic experience for both of us.  We were fully reunited when I was fifteen and from then on our relationship grew stronger everyday.  Our connection is much different than most mother-daughter relationships in that we never take each other for granted.  My mom makes sure each moment counts in order to try to make up for lost time.  I am so appreciative of the opportunity to be with my mom again and hold on tight whenever I hug her.
One of the most admirable and enduring qualities about my mom is her outward affection towards others.  My mom is unlike any other mother I know because her heart seems to be built with never ending depth and compassion. 
My mom is the full-time caretaker of my grandmother after she was diagnosed with Dimentia and Alzheimer’s disease. The disease has taken its toll on my grandmother and on my mom.  When my mom gets up around 6:30am, she has to take care of my grandmother and is reminded constantly of the reality of her mother’s mental and physical state of incapability.  My mom must now do practically everything for my grandmother and she does it with dignity and patience.  I rest well knowing that my grandmother is in the best care possible, but yearn for my mom to have time to relax from her daily stress.  When my mom puts her mom to bed at night, she then goes to her second job. 
My mom is a nurse in the post-surgical unit at a hospital.  She takes care of patients when they are most in need of delicate care.  Her patients genuinely appreciate her gentle and nurturing concern for their well-being. Often I am reminded of how great she is at her job when I see the thank you cards her patients give to her regularly.  Although rewarding, her work is extremely physical and involves lifting heavy patients and bending down to clean up after them.  Without rest, she comes home from work very late at night without a complaint and keeps pushing on.
This work has taken a toll on her body and the effects are now visible.  She was just given the news that she has an Inguinal Hernia.  After taking care of post-surgery patients for a living, my mom has been scheduled for her own surgery now. 
Many times I reflect on how great of a role model my mom is to me.  She takes on the world and faces many problems, but she does it gracefully.  Her life has not been an easy road by any means. 
While my mom takes care of her mom and her patients, she hardly has any time to take care of herself.   She has not updated her wardrobe and barely puts on make-up, but she is a beautiful woman inside and out.  She is single and needs a lifelong companion to spend the rest of her life with.  My one wish for her is to find someone who can protect her heart and soul and can finally take care of her.  To begin to reach this goal, having a makeover and a moment of relaxation and escape from her daily grind would mean everything to a woman who does so much for others.  My mom is a true inspiration to me and I want to show her how much she is loved and adored by treating her to a nice makeover that she otherwise would never treat herself to.  This pampering makeover experience would give my mom the confidence needed to acknowledge her true self-worth as the inspiring woman and mother she truly is.

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