Life Imitates Art – Jimmy Buffet Serves Up Cheeseburgers In Paradise

Wayne Johnson gets a taste of the Caribbean themed restaurant’s signature dishes and drinks.

Since we are celebrating all things Jimmy Buffet this week, I was fortunate to have Matt Wissman and Joe Zavadovics from Cheeseburger in Paradise join me for my segment.  Inspired by Jimmy Buffet’s famous song, the restaurant chain has spread all over the country with three locations here in the Chicagoland area.   The Caribbean themed eateries feature live music every weekend and a full spread of signature dishes and drinks like Island Chef Salad, St. Barts Citrus Chicken and Mojitos.  The Piña Colada is loaded with fresh ingredients.  But, as hard as I tried, I wasn’t able to get their special recipe out of them.  So, here’s my basic piña colada.  I’ve never had any complaints.  But, if you want to taste the original, you’ll just have to visit one of their restaurants.

Wayne's Piña Colada

1 1/2 tbl Light Rum
1 1/2 tbl Dark Rum
3 tbl Coco Lopez Coconut Cream
3 tbl Crushed Pineapple
2 cu Crushed Ice
1 wedge Fresh Pineapple, for garnish
1 Marischino Cherry, for garnish


Pour rums, coconut cream, crushed pineapple and ice in a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Pour into a tall glass and garnish with pineapple wedge and cherry.

Thanks again to Matt and Joe for treating me to a taste of the Caribbean this morning. 

For more information on Cheeseburger in Paradise, visit their website at

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