Jillian Balances Cocktails on Her Head

Bachelorette knows how to have a good time

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Who knew that Jillian could do party tricks?

Ever since Bachelorette Jillian Harris moved to Chicago from Canada to be with fiancé Ed Swiderski, the duo has been living it up in Chicago. The reality show romantics have been out and about, partying, boozing, canoodling at night clubs and hanging with Victoria’s Secret angels. 

You name it, they've done it -- in ridiculously sappy fashion.

This weekend was no different. The Swiderski sweethearts flaunted their pseudo-celebrity status and rolled VIP-style all over town, beginning at fave spot, Sunda. Then they headed over to The Underground where they partied with Gavin Rossdale. Must be rough.
And in typical fashion, Jillian brought her bubbly behavior out with her.  After attending the DIFFA show at the Merchandise Mart -- she was one of the featured interior designers -- Jillian took her man Ed to celebrate at Lumen nightclub.
That's where Jillian decided to show the town that she's multi-talented when she was seen balancing her Belvedere vodka and soda cocktail on her head to see if her posture was perfect.
She was also overheard saying that she and Ed were exhausted from partying the night before, when they apparently did some karaokeing in their River North condo.
Famous people! They're just as untalented as us!
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