Jillian Dishes on Wedding Plans

Reality show couple will not wed in Chicago

It's a question that Jillian Harris is getting sick of hearing, mainly because she doesn't have an answer.

Everyone wants to know when "The Bachelorette" beauty and her Chicago beau, Ed Swiderski, will be walking down the aisle. The "About Last Night" crew caught up with Harris at the Real Simple party at the 900 Shops Thursday and of course, asked the same burning question.

"Honestly we don't have one, I swear. I would love to set a wedding date but, think about what my life has been like the past 12 months. They actually say the average human being can only handle a maximum of three life changes in one year without going like berzerk, and I think I've had like 40."

The couple is still trying to figure out if the wedding will be a small and private or a larger affair, but she's one thing she is pretty sure of is that it won't happen in Chicago.

"I've always wanted it in Canada because after all I did move here, but if we do decide to have more of a public wedding for lack of a better word, we may do it in Northern California, or somewhere in the mountains or just somewhere very nature-esque," Harris said.

Harris says it's been impossible to set the date because she and Ed just moved into a new place, they plan to travel this summer and she's trying to get her career together.

"We were like, 'You know what? We're going to work backwards. Instead of setting a date and planning the wedding, we're actually going to plan the wedding, and when it's ready, we're going to set the date," Harris said.

And if by some chance the wedding did happen in Chicago? Harris says she'd love to do it outside, somewhere like Millenium Park or near the lake.

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