“Jersey Boys” Sings Goodbye, Chicago

Getty Images

The energetic and ubiquitous "Jersey Boys" is pulling out of Chicago, more than two years after the traveling show played its first gig here.

As the Trib's Chris Jones notes, the show succeeded in ways most musicals don't -- it was able to attract a wide audience, many of whom haven't seen a musical in decades, if ever.

"Jersey Boys" was able to pack houses for 951 Chicago shows because its subject appeals to the regular musical crowd, as well as nostalgic Baby Boomers and classic pop lovers alike.

The cast did rotate throughout the show's run, but one man was there from beginning to end. That's Mark Ingersoll, the actor who played bass guitarist Nick Massi for the show's run. Jones has a great interview with Ingersoll, whose own nostalgia for "Jersey Boys" and his cast mates will put a smile on the face of anyone who's seen it.

The final performance of "Jersey Boys" is a matinee today at 2 p.m.

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