Jen Schefft Preps for a Baby

Jen Schefft's new nursery


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes an expertly designed nursery with all the bells and whistles for the soon-to-be-bambino on the way.

Former Bachelorette star and Chicagoan Jen Schefft is pregnant and showing off her storybook-designed nursery in the pages of Us Weekly. The former Bachelorette teamed up with Simeone Deary (designers of the ultra luxe Elysian Hotel) to create a one-of-a-kind nursery as Schefft and her husband, Joe Waterman. await the arrival of their first child, a girl, in November.
The Alice in Wonderland-themed nursery idea came from Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary, founders of the nationally recognized firm, who love to tell a story through their designs. If you’ve ever taken a step inside the breathtaking Elysian Hotel, you know what we mean by “expertly designed.”
The idea behind the nursery was to create a space based on a book that was special to Schefft as a child, and that book turned out to be Alice in Wonderland. Simeone Deary created a concept based specifically around Alice’s garden tea party because she says that scene in particular “was truly a little girls dream.”
Now completed, the storybook nursery is just awaiting the new baby to fill it. Schefft says she and her husband couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
“It’s such an amazing room,” Schefft says. “We love knowing our baby girl will enjoy it for many years to come.”
Want to see the room for yourself? Watch a video tour with Jen here.

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