It's Time to Get LOST

Watch the hit show with friends at Stretch Run

Sawyer's dreamy eyes and biting one-liners…Jack's sexy scruff and take-charge demeanor… It's been an interminable half-year without our weekly dose of serious eye candy from ABC's hit show LOST.  Did Jin really die in the boat explosion?  Was that truly John Locke in the coffin?   Will Sawyer and Juliet hook up on the beach?  What REALLY happened when Ben moved the island?  As much as we'd like to think these questions will all be answered when the show premieres Wednesday, Jan. 21, you know how LOST goes… questions just lead to more questions. But we're still suckers for more.

Join the rest of the LOST junkies at STRETCH RUN Sporting Club and Grille every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.  Sip themed drinks like $4 Jack and Gin cocktails (get it?) and $17.50 Corona buckets and nosh on crab cakes, burgers and pizzas while watching the show on nine 41-inch televisions and two 6-foot projector screens.

Know of other bars hosting LOST viewing parties?  Fill us in – we'd love to know.

STRETCH RUN Sporting Club and Grille
544 North LaSalle

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