Is Madge's Old “Guy” Upset Over New Guy?

Custody battle takes new turn

Despite reports that Madonna and Guy Ritchie amicably settled their divorce case, a war of words has recently broken out about where the children will be raised.

Ritchie is also reportedly miffed about a recent steamy photo shoot that Madonna took with her new "boy" friend, Jesus Luz, in W magazine.

A British newspaper quotes a source saying that Guy is concerned the kids will get teased and that he thinks it is "tasteless that she's flaunting herself with another man all over the magazine."

Madonna recently enrolled her sons Rocco, 8, and David, 3, in New York schools after winning a temporary residency battle to have them with her in New York. But Guy, who reportedly is looking for an apartment in New York to be closer to his boys, wants them eventually to move back to Britain and grow up there.

As a divorce lawyer I always advise my clients that when it comes to children, it's never over 'til it's over, and many cases go on long after the divorce case is settled.

Even though we hear terms like "permanent" custody and child support, either former spouse may petition the court after the divorce for a modification of custody, visitation, support,or residency. If circumstances have significantly changed and the court determines that a change of the existing agreement is in the best interests of the children, then the court will grant the relief requested.

Unfortunately for Madonna, the reportedly, huge multi-million dollar property settlement that she paid to Guy is probably not modifiable. If Guy is bent on continuing the custody battle indefinitely, clearly Madonna did not get the peace of mind she may have thought she paid for when she settled with this "Guy" a few months ago.

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