Irate Mom Goes Live on Facebook Over Bloody Crime Scene Left Near Baseball Diamond at Joliet Park

A mother in Joliet went live on Facebook to express her outrage after she says she was told by county officials no one would be cleaning up blood from a homicide scene near where her children were playing in a Will County park.

Jessie Gutierrez said kids playing at a nearby baseball diamond were hitting foul balls into a pool of blood left from the crime scene.

“You see how close we are to our fields,” she said in a Facebook Live video posted Sunday. “These kids over here are playing and happened to hit a foul ball and where did it hit? Right over here.”

The video has been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

Gutierrez said Will County officials, police and fire officials all said they would not clean up the crime scene. She said she was handed a bag by medics who arrived on the scene who then told her she could clean it herself.

“Children are playing feet away from a crime scene and you guys can’t have the decency of cleaning it up,” she said in the video.

Gutierrez, who is a registered nurse, said the community deserves better. Someone else cleaned up the scene, she said.

“Excuse my language but are you f---ing kidding me," she said.

Joliet officials did not immediately respond to NBC 5's request for comment. 

The bloody scene was leftover from the killing of Nathan Ballard during a robbery, according to the Will County sheriff's office.

Will County Sheriff's Deputy Chief Dan Jungles told the Herland-News that firefighters went to the scene twice to wash it down after police were done processing it.

Gutierrez said in her Facebook video that firefighters told her the scene was out of their jurisdiction. 

"You just can't please everybody," Jungles told the paper.

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