iPhone Art? There's an Exhibit for That

"iPhone Therefore I Am" debuts at Chicago Art Department

After thoroughly dominating the digital communications world, it was only a matter of time before the iPhone started staking out new ground, now making its move into the art world.

See for yourself when the Chicago Art Department presents "iPhone Therefore I Am," a collection of pieces from 25 artists who use their iPhone as a creative tool.

The free exhibit kicks off Friday at The Chicago Art Department (1837 S. Halsted) from 6-10 p.m.

Chicago artist Mike Nourse taught an iPhone art class covering photos, digital sketching (finger painting), animation, sound and video.

The completed projects from the 10 artists make up the exhibit, along with works from artists from places such as Russia, Norway and Germany.

Guests can meet with the artists and discuss such lofty ideas as where iPhone art is heading and how it fits into the contemporary art landscape.

Either way, it'll be one social setting where it won't be considered rude to chat on your cell phone in public.

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