Intergalactic Sex Rodeo

Live show promises music, comedy and boobs

For those of you seeking something completely different, Intergalactic Sex Rodeo at the Lakeshore Theater this weekend is certainly not your average run-of-the-mill comedy show.

If you're familiar with Las Vegas entertainment, the most popular shows (pre-Cirque invasion) were the variety shows like Jubilee and Folies Bergere, because they had it all -- sexy dancers, magic, juggling, comedy and ridiculously over the top costumes.

However, these shows were designed for the audiences of the 1950s. Many of us are part of the MTV Generation, and let's face it folks, most twenty- and thirty-something's have ADD. We need constant stimulation and fast and furious action to keep us entertained. Any lull in the action at all and the younger audiences of today will start texting faster than you can say iPhone.

Fortunately, Intergalactic offers a non-stop assault on the five senses with comedy sketches by supergroup, Big Dog Eat Child, live music from the buzz band, The Wires, and burlesque dancers from the acclaimed Varietease Cabaret.

Tickets are $10 for the Friday and Saturday show which kick off just before midnight. Call (773) 472-3492 or log on to for more information.

Insider Info: The folks at Intergalactic tout, "We are NOT everything else that everyone goes to see, WE ARE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING ELSE THAT EVERYONE GOES TO SEE," and their creed is "Comedy for people with ADD." Their their tagline says is best: Comedy. Music. Boobs. Go if you like zany, wacky crazy entertainment a la Beacher's Madhouse in NYC or Vegas. Parking by the theater can be difficult, so it may be easier to take the Brown line to the Belmont stop, head east down Belmont and take a right on Broadway.

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