Inside the Sneakerhead's Head at RSVP Boutique

@superfun questions local sneakerheads on why they love Supra

They say you should judge a man by his shoes -- which works except when the man's wearing limited quantity shoes, and then odds are he's judging yours. Peddling the latest foot limos: RSVP Boutique.

Last week, luxe sneaker brand Supra dropped their much-heralded Skytop II, and RSVP only boutique in Chicago to get the drop.

The kicks, designed by pro skateboarder Chad Muska, is sold in extremely limited quantities, and only seven other locations in the U.S. received a shipment.

Hence the crowd at RSVP last week. And hence @superfun sitting down with seven Supra-heads to talk about why they love the shoe.

Check out the video and see how it all went down.

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