Bash a Bush Pinata

Party celebrates Bush's last day in office

For many people, the palpable excitement over Barack Obama's inauguration doesn't compare to the joy they feel over the Bush administration's exit from the White House.

That anti-Bush sentiment be on full display in Chicago at The Final Countdown Inauguration Party on Jan. 19, Bush's last day in office.

The bash will be held at the Quennect 4 Gallery (2716 W North Ave) at 8 p.m. A $5 cover charge includes entertainment such as standup comedian Robert Buscemi, hip hop artist Phillip Morris a freak show performance by the Flying Cat Circus, political cartoonist Matthew Filipow and more.

A local group called The Accountants of Homeland Security is throwing the bash, with support of other groups such as Drinking Liberally and Laughing Liberally.

No word yet on whether they plan to whack that Bush pinata with their shoes.

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