Inaugural Snacks to Feed Your Appetite

-Dispatch from the Obama White House:  This morning, Mrs. Obama gave Mrs. Bush a leather bound journal inscribed with the following quote - "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning." - Louis L'Amore.  The gift also included a pen engraved with today's date, for Mrs. Bush to begin her memoirs.

-We Cannot Tell a Lie:  While there is no official estimate, a security official believes the crowd was around 1.8 million.

-Chalk One Up for Public Transportation:  People heeded the suggestion to get in place early. Riders were lined up outside some subway stations before they opened at 4 a.m. By 7:30 am, the Washington, D.c.C subway system had carried nearly a quarter of a million people. By noon, more than half a million had taken the METRO.

-Do NOT Pitch Your Tent:  Though the Park Service banned overnight camping on the Mall, the earliest arrivals bundled up in blankets and sleeping bags before dawn.

-Go West Young Man:  By around 8 a.m., the National Mall was half already full, and the checkpoints for the Mall area closest to the capitol were shut down. People were re-directed toward the western half, from the Washinton Monument toward the Lincoln Memorial.

-Oops, We Didn't Mean for You to Miss It:  Some ticket holders for the swearing-in never made it -- those in the Yellow and Purple sections. Security officials say they're not sure what happened. Those who couldn't get in were very upset.

-Hero's Welcome:  Among the many dignitaries attending the luncheon in Statuary Hall...the US Airways pilot "Sully Sullenberger" and his wife.

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