Manscaping Has its Advantages

Maintenance tips for men

Women spend a significant amount of time (and money) on pampering themselves for a good reason; it drastically improves their looks. But men still seem to shy away when it comes to the art of male grooming.

Esthetician and owner of Le Crème Skincare Boutique, Leah Chavie, shares her brutally-honest thoughts and her worst nightmares on the controversial subject of “manscaping.

She says many women want their men to be manly, but hairy backs and unbrushed teeth is pushing it too far.

"Men need to realize that grooming is just as important for men as it is for women and most importantly, men should want to “manscape” for the ladies," Chavie says. "No one wants to rub a pimply or overly-hairy back. Unsanitary!"

Chavie says many men avoid getting groomed because they're just plain scared.

"I think if men can be educated as to why preventative measures are important, we won't have to worry about so much corrective work," she says. "Skin is skin, no matter what gender you are. I do think more and more men are paying attention to grooming."

For those men who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of spending the afternoon in the spa getting primped, Chavie says to focus on a basic facial first. Clogged pores and broken capillaries on the face are easy to address, yet most men don't do it.

"It is really hard to look at a man with a large blackhead on his nose. Your mind starts to wonder what other areas he's avoided," Chavie says.

Another simple fix is monthly Silk Peel treatments, which will help with cell turnover and contribute to an excellent close shave. Everyone has been exposed to the sun and almost everyone has sun damage, and this is a correctable situation, Chavie says. IPL treatments (Intense Pulsed Light) will slough off the pigment as it rises to the surface over time, leaving the skin looking clear and healthy.

Chavie also suggests eyebrow enhancement to get rid of the dreaded unibrow.

Sure it sounds like advice your mom may have given you, but wasn't she always right?

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