I'm Back!

For those of you who missed me, good to see you. For those who didn't and wished that the lovely Sarah Jindra took the place of "Wiggles" as I've been dubbed by an emailer, sorry pal! I'm back and ready to go! But I picked an interesting day to return. Lake effect snow sure can make things interesting, but with folks on the Illinois side who aren't used to the conditions changing so fast, it gets dicey on the roadways.

Crashes all over the roads. Lots of suburban accidents. The Two worst highways today were I-55 and the Jane Addams Tollway, neither let up. The west end of I-55 got started at 5:15, the old Northwest toll kept slowing down gradually and finally a crash around Arlington Heights proved to be the dagger. If you sat through the delay, well then you crawled along for a long time. Still with Casmir Pulaski Day (oh, and Happy Casmir Pulaski Day to you too!) there was a lighter volume out there. The ride home shouldn't be as bad.

**I'm the youngest member of our show. So it only made perfect sense that in my "life of no responsiblity" - as Zoraida refers to it - I went to visit the only place a big kid like me can go.

Disney World.

I did three theme parks in one day, plus I caught some Detroit Tigers baseball in Lakeland (someone tell Ben Bowman that Zach Miner's going to have a good year), and I gave myself a mini-tour of Central Florida. Tons of Louisiana residents picked the week to flee the Mardi Gras party in favor of a more family friendly environment. That made spending Fat Tuesday at Disney that much more interesting, although they had a slightly different parade. (Sorry Minnie, I'm outta beads!). EPCOT in my mind is still the best. Some cool rides and the tour around the countries still gets it done. Drank in Germany, ate in Morocco, watched a film on Canada, and hung out with some drummers from Japan.

Oh and it was 75 degrees, sunny and with very little humidity all week. You're welcome.

**I always keep an eye on the hometown, so best of luck to my UNDEFEATED Geneva Vikings tonight! The ladies will square off on the hardwood with New Trier tonight up in Rogers Park for a trip to the state semis. The 31-0 Vikes have never gotten this far while the Trevians have won 548 state championships. (a lil embelished, yes.)

I'm bringing the scissors to help cut the nets down at the Gentile Center.

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