A Look at Rauner, Pritzker Campaign Spending in Black and Latino Media

You've seen the TV ads in the race for governor.

As the candidates break the national record on spending---the question is, did that money trickle down to Black and Latino media?

In Northbrook, JB Pritzker knocking on doors Monday. He's added another $10 million into his campaign — now at $171 million.

Ask Dorothy Leavell, publisher of the Crusader newspapers — whether that money is being spent in the black community — she’s looked at the top 25 who’ve received Pritzker's money.

"I do not recognize any of these companies as being black, I really don't," Leavell said. "It isn't just about the money, but certainly advertising gives an opportunity to put their platform out there."

She's also looked at how Gov. Bruce Rauner has spent his campaign money — now at $80 million.

"Mr. Rauner certainly has taken us for granted," Leavell said.

Campaign spending for Latino television in Chicago by both candidates — Telemundo and Univision -- as of earlier this month at $460,000, compared to the more than $28 million at NBC, CBS and ABC combined.

"We've tried to make sure we are covering all of the media that we need to, to speak to the Latino community," Pritzker said. "As well as online, very important to look at what we're doing on social media."

"I work for every community, I take nothing for granted," Rauner said. "I don't care whether folks are Democrats, Republicans or independents, I work for everybody."

When it comes to the candidates advertising on black radio stations -- at WVON-- as of earlier this month Pritzker had spent $30,000 and Rauner $7,000. wvon's melody spann cooper.

"The Pritzker campaign has been spending consistently, even when it's not the season for politics, he has been spending money," said Melody Spann Cooper of WVON. "You've got to go through black radio, you've got to get at ground zero in the African American community. People take our vote very serious, people get out the vote very serious, and politics is very local in Chicago."

While the governor's race broke the bank statewide -- look for the mayor's race to perhaps do the same -- with more candidates than ever before.

How the money is spent in that race will also be closely examined.

"If you want the black vote you have to come where we are, you have to talk about issues that we are interested in," Leavell said.

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