I'll Pay You for That Job

Chicago area man places ad on craigslist

A man with a family, including a newborn, and no job has taken a unique approach to finding employment by turning to craigslist.com.

Jimmy Cybulski's story is not so different from thousands of people across the country who suddenly find themselves without an income, but what's different, CBS2 reports, is that he's offering to pay someone $500 to find him work.

"I might just get a foot in the door, show my resume and say, 'Hey this is who I am, this is what I do, I'm confident that I'm an employable person,'" Cybulski said.

His ad has been met with several responses ... from scam artists, but he says he's "willing to sign an agreement to pay the job finder, but he has to be in the job for six months before he'll turn over the $500," Channel 2 reports. 

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