If at First You Buy Full-Price, Consign, Consign Again

TDMN susan hawk woo
David Woo/The Dallas Morning News

With the opening of Joe's Jeans in Bucktown, trendy Chicagoans have yet another premium denim to add to their collection. But with the floundering economy, we may be stuffing ourselves into that old pair of Sevens again.

If the bailout has you feeling blue (pun intended), why not consign a few of your old pairs that “shrank” (at least that’s what we tell ourselves) and use the cash to stock up on a new fall look?

Many women have more than their fair share of jeans with a brown squiggly line on the butt, or perhaps an upside-down horseshoe, or the trademark double J of Joe’s.

The city has tons of upscale consignment shops (especially in Wicker Park) willing to take designer jeans and more off your hands.

The process is fairly simple. At some shops, you have to make an appointment to have your items assessed and are paid 50 percent of the sale price once the item is sold. At others, you can drop off your goods, and they’ll give you cash on the spot.

So if your pair is in good shape – trade in and buy up.

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