I Want a Marley Dog!

So you saw Marley & Me over the weekend and now you want a dog?

Experts say that's frequently what happens when a movie like that hits the big screen.

Two movies immediately come to mind: Beverly Hills Chihuahua and 101 Dalmations.

The problem is there's a lot more to owning a dog than meets the eye, which means many of those pets end up homeless.

Marley (the movie dog) is a labrador retriever, which typically needs alot of exercise.  Experts say that's not a good trait for couch potatoes.

"Labs never grow up," says Karen Okura, manager of animal behavior at the Anti-Cruelty Society.

She recommends labs only for families with active lifestyles. She also recommends obedience training.

Full breed dogs can typically be very expensive when purchased through a breeder, so checking out a breed rescue may be a more economic alternative, as are shelters like Anti Cruelty.

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