I introduce to you… “That Guy”

Here's what my facebook page looked like after Dance Friday today:

Carol: "loved it :) You had me gigglin' with that guy in the background. Great song too."

Colleen: "Too funny..again lol Nice friend in the background haha ;)"

George"Great job this morning, Matt! Who was the guy standing to your left?"

That's our very own Hurricane Bill. Mr. Bill West, long time traffic veteran who jumped in with us this morning in the Traffic Lounge. He's always been avoiding Dance Friday, but awhile ago we got him to come on camera and just stand there. He doesn't want to dance, he just wants to enjoy it. So I told him to stand there.

Turns out that seems to be more effective than him dancing. He was approaching Cassidy status with the emails this morning. Does he replace Cassidy? No. Because NO ONE can replace her.

If you haven't seen Dance Friday, just search for it at the top right corner. Keywords: "Dance Friday" or "Shakira"

**Shakira is ready to have a baby. A strange article that screams she's well...anxious. Have at it fellas!

**Very interesting story today, branching out and talking about large scale plans to improve transportation in Chicago. Moving Lake Shore Drive east, a previously discussed Metra train hub below ground, and Block 37 (someday) are all in play. It's a multi-billion dollar project that will be paid for with...wait, who's paying for this again?

**If you live in Austrailia, your morning commute is hurting the sex lives of frogs. Not kidding.

**Around town this weekend, Nickelback is playing tonight down at the First Midwest Bank World Music Theatre Tweeter Center Ampitheatre. I hate them. Adam (the guy in the Cutler jersey today) casually mentioned them to the room and I just got stir crazy. A five-minute rant on why I think they suck. I'm curious though, who else thinks they just are awful and are stunned they still get decent gigs? I also want to know your popular band/group/artist that you just can't stand. Let me know.

Also, do you remember when Lake View Music Fest used to be good? I do.

**By the way, is anyone still screaming for the Bears to get Plaxico Burress now? Didn't think so.

**A new addition to the blog. The Maury topic. We have 12 monitors so he's always on and we always laugh the show topic. It's just ridiculous. So I'm going to casually drop what the daily topic is and you can discuss it, make fun of it, or imagine us laughing at it. Something like this:

Today's Maury: "I was in a coma...I can't be your baby's father!" Nice!

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