How to Tell Real NBA Merchandise From the Fake Stuff

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Two hats, both look good...but can you spot the fake?
The real one, according to NBA VP Michael Potenza, will have a well-made sticker from the licensee on the brim.
The fake hat will likely not come with a sticker or it will be a generic one. Check for misspellings.
The real hat will also have the official NBA hologram underneath the brim. Check to see how readable it is. The picture should alternate between the NBA logo and a Spalding basketball.
The inside of the hat will feature stitching from the licensee, in this case New Era, that proudly states who made the hat.
The counterfeit hat will likely have no stitching, like this one.
When it comes to shirts, Potenza says quality shows. The real shirt is on the left. The fake is on the right. How can you tell?
The real shirt will have a unique design. This one, with the Bulls logo and the Chicago style stars for the eyes was specifically designed for the All-Star Game.
The fake shirt has a generic design with poor screen printing. Also, like the hats, look for misspellings.
Real NBA licensed garments have well-made tags and carry a uniquely serial numbered hologram. Every serial number should be different.
On a real shirt, the licensee's logo is either stitched into the garment or durably printed.
Fake shirts often have no tags or holograms. This one was even printed on a t-shirt that has a spit tag. That means the shirt is a factory second of lower quality.
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