Be a Green Sports Fan

Show your environmentally-conscious spirit

Sports fans definitely have the opportunity to do things a little differently to help green the world.

Foam fingers will live forever in landfills. So will blow-up thundersticks, inflatable bats, plastic noisemakers and all of the other silly accoutrement that is used to make noise and show team spirit in an arena. If you want to show team spirit, make a sign out of recycled poster board, and use your voice and hands to make noise.

That refillable, reusable cup for soda pop deal is more than a good deal for you, it's good for Mother Nature. You can bring home the cup to use it again.

Don't litter. It seems ridiculous that it still needs to be said, but after games for every one of Chicago's teams, the streets are filled with beer bottles, papers and other junk. One of the best parts of going to a game in Chicago is that you are also visiting a neighborhood. Don't burden the people of Lakeview, Garfield Park, Bridgeport and the South Loop with your mess.

When planning your trip to the game, try to figure out a way without using your car. You will save money and the air will be saved from your carbon emissions. Use the new transit finder on Google to arrange your route.

If you do want to drive, check out some games close to home, which will also limit your carbon emissions. The Kane County Cougars and Schaumburg Flyers provide baseball entertainment for suburbanites during baseball season. Exciting basketball at the high school level can be found everywhere. Check the Chicago Tribune's Preps section on Fridays for a run down of the best games.

Most sports fans like to watch games from home on the best television possible. Choosing to watch the game on an LCD is also better for the environment. LCD televisions also use up to 66% less energy than a tube television.

If you're having people over to watch the game on your energy-efficient LCD television, be sure to recycle those cans and bottles that every one will be drinking out of. If serving water, use a filtration pitcher instead of plastic bottles.

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