How Much For Just One Rib?

Big Bowl offers appetizers by the piece

In one of Chris Rock's very first movies, the classic "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," he enters a BBQ joint and asks the the guy behind the counter (Isaac Hayes) for one rib. "One order of ribs," Hayes calls to the back. "No," Rock replies. "One rib."

It may have seemed funny and somewhat ridiculous at the time, but restaurants are doing everything they can these days to get butts in the seats.

We're guessing that's the idea behind Big Bowl's new Peace Meal Menu (60 E. Ohio St. location only).

Weekdays from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., customers can can order appetizers by the piece. Featured choices include:

  • Chicken dumplings or potstickers: 50 cents each
  • Teriyaki glazed spareribs: 50 cents each
  • Chicken satay: 75 cents
  • Shrimp summer roll: 75 cents each
  • Beef satay (prime steak): $1 each
  • Crispy chicken egg roll: $1 each
  • Barbecue pork bao: $1 each

The Peace Meal Menu also features a daily special entree that is $3 off the regular price.

The special deal is only available at the bar or at the high-top tables, and may be expanded to other locations until the economy improves.

I sho am hungry!

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