Now Slide to the Left…

Chicago house music legend releases "Obama Slide"

We're pretty sure Barack Obama can dance. It all depends on your perspective following his appearance on Ellen a few months back. But can Obama "slide?" Well, he now has his own song to practice to.

House music legend and Chicago native Farley JackMaster Funk has released a song called "The Obama Slide."

The song also includes instructions on how to "slide dance," a form of line dancing popularized by tracks such as the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide.

Farley says the song is a "kick starter for more people to get out and vote."

Local radio station V103 plans to begin playing the song on Wednesday, the day after the election.

Farley is credited with being one of the originators of house music from its inception in 1982, and worked in Chicago radio for more than 28 years, including a stint with the popular Hot Mix 5.

Click here to listen to The Obama Slide.

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