Hot For History?

The Weather Channel is broadcasting a documentary about the Great Chicago Fire this week.

History buffs, set your DVRs. The Weather Channel is featuring the Great Chicago Fire on their series “When Weather Changed History” this week.

The show includes interviews with local historians, WGN weatherman, Tom Skilling, and examines the drought, wind, and spark that ignited the devastating fire.

The second half focuses on the amazing rebuilding effort that attracted talented architects to the city like Louis Sullivan, who created the Carson Pirie Scott building. The need for more space during reconstruction also led to the development of the skyscraper.

But, most important -- Mrs. O’Leary’s cow is cleared. (Moo-ya.)

The re-creation is so compelling; it reminds viewers that the city we know today is the remarkable result of the determination of our predecessors.

So, next time you pass the Water Tower downtown, take a minute to reflect on all it endured 137 years ago.

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