Hoping for Cooler Temps on Marathon Race Day

Last year the 2007 Chicago Marathon was memorable for all of the wrong reasons. The race was called off due to extreme heat (the high temperature reached 88 degrees that day) and one 35-year-old runner collapsed after mile 18 and later died at the hospital.  Race day temperatures broke the record for both starting temperature and high temperature.

Hopefully the mercury in the thermometer won’t rise quite as high for the 2008 race, which takes place Saturday, Oct. 12. 45,000 determined and brave souls have registered for the 31st annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon this year.

If you enjoy watching throngs of sweaty folks who are in much better shape than you wind their way through 26.2 miles of city asphalt, then take a look at the marathon spectator guide for optimal viewing locations. 

If you are more of the couch-bound type, not really interested in observing some of the zany runners who do kooky things like run the race in a three-piece suit while carrying a briefcase or dress up in a frog costume, then it’s advisable to steer clear of the course that day.  Either way, we’re rooting for better race conditions this year so all of the athletes can complete the race safely.

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