Hits Keep Coming: The Blagojevich Song

Chi-Town Kids Release 'Blagojevich'

Embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich must be getting used to being the butt of jokes. Saturday Night Live is having a field day, drinks are being named after him, and now he has the honor of having a song dedicated to him.

A Beverly-based group called the Chi-Town Kids released a song called "Blagojevich" this week. (Click here to listen to the song)

"It's been drilled into our heads every day in the media, so we thought it was the perfect time to get it out there," Chi-Town Kids member Mark Wlodarski said.

The rap also name drops Drew Peterson, former Chicago Bears running back Rashaan Salaam and a gives a nod to the "What is he thinking?" line used in Judy Baar Topinka's gubernatorial ads.

The Chi-Town kids previously received a bit of fame for a song about cicadas, appearing on the field during "Cicada Night" at a Chicago White Sox game and getting some local radio play.

They're hoping the Blagojevich saga will create the same sort of buzz.

"I'm hoping to take it as far as it can go. He might be a little salty if he hears it, but he seems like he has a good sense of humor and may get a kick out of it," Wlodarski said.

The trio first played in a "poppy punk band" when they were in high school at Brother Rice and St. Rita. They describe their sound now as fun rap songs about every day life.

"I guess you could say the longer this goes on, the better it is for us," Wlodarski said.

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