Have Your People Call Their People

New Chicago-based concierge service takes care of the minor details of life

No time to pick up your dry cleaning, go grocery shopping and wait for the UPS guy? We get it (we have DVR, too). Endeavor Concierge, a new Chicago-based personal assistant service, will do all of that (and much, much more) for you, so you can concentrate on living your life. (What time is "The Biggest Loser" on again?)

Endeavor was founded by a former Ritz-Carlton concierge (who should know a bit about demands) and a Web-savvy techy-type. The result is a user-friendly Web site that allows you to schedule services on a calendar system. Each service (say, planning a party, organizing your closet, calling the phone company on your behalf) has a credit value. You buy packages of credits (for you or as a thoughtful gift for another slacker... we mean extremely busy person), and choose how you want to spend them. Anyone need their plants watered?

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