Bravo! Chicago Designers Steal the Show

Chicago was haute with wannabe fashion designers auditioning for a yet-to-be-named Project Runway-type show on Bravo.

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Joy DiNaro
Strike a pose! Contestants model pieces from their clothing lines to fight for a spot on Bravo's yet to be named reality fashion design show at Joe's Bar in Chicago (940 W. Weed St).
Joy DiNaro
You could cut the tension with a knife as the contestants waited to show the judges their best stuff.
Joy DiNaro
Practice makes perfect! Each piece must have a story if it's going to stand out in this competition.
Getty Images
Many waited for hours for a chance at reality TV fame.
Joy DiNaro
"We're looking for a needle in a haystack," says Ethan Peterson, a casting judge for the show. "If we find five people out of the hundreds we auditon, that would be a great day."
Joy DiNaro
Many contestants hired live models to highlight their designs.
Joy DiNaro
Choosing the best talent the Chi has to offer isn't easy. But these guys are professionals.
Joy DiNaro
"This would mean everything," says Ranaldo Perez, a contestent. "A show like this would show the world what I have to offer."
Getty Images
The pressure was on. The contestants had to sell their pieces to professionals in the fashion industry.
Joy DiNaro
While many of the contestants had technical design training, some relied on natural talent.
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