Hating Rod

Who hates Gov. Rod Blagojevich more? On a 10-point scale with one being "he's still kind of a lovable goofball" and 10 being "I'd like to tear off his head and puke into his dead skull."

Hater: Jesse Jackson Jr.
Hater Rating: 9
Why: What office will he go to to get his good name back? 

Hater: Barack Obama
Hater Rating: 6.5
Why: Wouldn't you be aggravated if someone interrupted your honeymoon?

Hater: Patti (Mell) Blagojevich
Hater Rating: 4
Why: You [bleep]in' idiot, how could you not [bleep]in' know your [bleep]in' phone was [bleep]in' bugged? Why don't you [bleep]in' just call the [bleep]in' President-Elect and [bleep]in' have Fitzgerald fired?

Hater: Dick Mell
Hater Rating: 9
Why: Is there such a thing as a shotgun divorce?

Hater: Michael Madigan
Hater Rating: 1
Why: Nobody is enjoying this more.

Hater: Sam Zell
Hater Rating: 7
Why: As if he doesn't have enough on his hands. Plus, Blago canceled his subscription.

Hater: Emil Jones
Hater Rating: 6
Why: There goes his retirement present: A gift certificate for a U.S. Senate seat good for two years.

Hater: John McCormick
Hater Rating: 1
Why: Sure Blago tried to get him fired for the editorials he wrote ripping the governor, but now everyone's going back and actually reading them.

Hater: Richard M. Daley
Hater Rating: 1
Why: He'll be glad to see the governor gone so he'll have a more willing business partner, but every dumb scandal other pols get rung up in make his look better by comparison.

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