Happy Yours Truly Day

Treat yourself to a unique MCA gift

Mother's Day has come and gone. Father's Day is about a month away. We're in that sweet spot around Memorial Day that calls for a Yours Truly Day – a day to celebrate you, and maybe even buy yourself a gift or two. Don't purchase yourself something practical that you need – get yourself something you, er, wouldn't normally buy yourself.  And why shouldn't you pamper yourself every once in a while? You deserve it.
The MCA store has a slew of new, unique art-inspired gifts that you'd normally buy for someone else. But the $5 “This Economy Sucks” change purse is just too amusing and affordable to pass up. There are also some bright and colorful rings and bracelets by Italian-born artist and architect Gaetano Pesce ($65-195) that are sure to be conversation starters. And if you're the blogging/scrapbooking type, consider the “My Life Story” book, a 100-year journal that's both handsome and useful ($50).  Visit the MCA in person or online.

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