Hair Tips for Windy Weather

Windy-city-proof your 'do


Between the super dry air, unpredicatable snowfall and gusty windy that plague our lovely city, it can be pretty pointless to attempt any sort of hair style at all. Joshua Morgan of the Salon at Ulta comes to the rescue with some tips for styling despite winter woes, incorporating the season’s hottest looks and more. Bed-head is now officially a thing of the past.

Give us some do's and don't's of achieving great winter hair - -especially with all the static and dry air out there!

Many people find the winter months are tough on their hair, but you don't want to suffer with dry, brittle, dull or damaged locks, Morgan says.
DO: Protect your hair from the elements. A scarf or hat can protect your hair. Make sure your headwear is not too tight because it can lead to limp or greasy hair.
DON'T: Shampoo too often. Shampooing your hair too often can exacerbate dryness just at the point when the hair and scalp are drying out more easily. Try not to shampoo more than once a day, and aim to use only high quality hair care products which actively moisturize the hair. Look for the word 'replenish' as this means the product will add moisture to the hair. You can lock in moisture and add shine by running your hair under cold water after shampooing. A good alternative is using dry shampoo, which can refresh, revive and recharge the hair and scalp without water. It is perfect for use between washings, in a rush or as a midday hair pick-me-up. Dry Shampoo increases vaolume and removes dirt and build up in your root area in seconds.
DO: Use a top quality, moisturizing conditioner each time you wash, ideally, once a week. Slather it on and wrap the hair in a towel for ten minutes. This allows moisture to penetrate more deeply into the hair as a result of the humid environment created. When styling, a silicone-based serum can help to tame the frizz and increase moisture levels even further.
What about the hot trends in makeup?
DO: Contrasting eyes and mouth: Play up your eyes or your mouth, never both or you risk looking clownish and overly done. Nude lips and smoky eyes are a great look. Or try red lips and light eyes (mascara and face powder only).
DON'T: Wear heavy foundation: To achieve the always classy fresh face, stick to foundation use only on the areas that need it, typically around your eyes, along your nose and on your cheeks. You don't need foundation on your forehead or even neck. Remember to blend and consider different colors for winter vs. summer, when your skin is naturally lighter.
Celebs that have this look down pat are Michelle Williams, Megan Fox and Beyonce, says Morgan,
Speaking of celebs, awards season is upon us! What kind of trends do you think we will see at the awards seasons coming up as far as hair and makeup is concerned? 
A few of the major trends that we will see on the red carpet this award season are: Only line your top lid, messy up-do, and bright lips.
Any must-have products for dry winter skin?

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.

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