Guillen Not Happy With Swisher's Play, Attitude

If there is anything Chicagoans can count on, it's that construction only happens on the streets you need to drive on, when you need to drive on them. The other thing we can count is that Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will always give an entertaining and informative interview. His interview with the Chicago Tribune proved no differently as he let it be known that he has no problem with the fact that Nick Swisher will wear a Yankees uniform this upcoming season.

It was hard because when we brought him here, a lot of people were excited [that] he would have a great career with the White Sox, but we got to the point that we went through the roster ... and we had a right fielder, left fielder, first baseman and DH. It was hard for us to find a place for him. To be honest with you, I was not happy with the way he was reacting at the end of the season. He wasn't helping me either.

Swisher's trade caught many White Sox fans off guard. He was well-liked by fans, and despite the poor ending to his season, the White Sox are generally regarded as losers in that trade. The White Sox seemed convinced that he would not improve from the season when that in fact won't be proven until Swisher next season. For a player with so much potential, it's surprising that the Sox wouldn't find a spot for him.

Guillen is making it seem as if Swisher was traded for more than his lackluster play. Last week, rumors began to float around the league that Swisher was giving his best effort for the Sox. Guillen's comments here confirm those rumors.

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