Got Goosebumps?

The Polar Bear Club will plunge into Lake Michigan on New Year's Day.

It's the time of year when most Chicagoans wish they could sprout wings and fly south. 

Most, but not all.

The Polar Bear Club will ring in 2009 with a swim in Lake MIchigan on New Year's Day. We'll be snug in our warm bed, but if you're the type who will try anything once, you can join them at the North Avenue Beach boathouse at noon. The only rule is that you must wear a bathing suit (no wetsuits or nudity allowed).

And, remember, to be a true Polar Bear, you have to go underwater.

Honestly, is there anything less appealing than freezing your hung-over buns off in the lake? Just watching this video gave us goosebumps.

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