Got a Mustache? Get a Free Beer!

Seeking a Very Merry Mustachmas

Still hanging on to that moustache from the '80s? Good call Tom Selleck. Besides being a great food catcher, you're also eligible for a free beer.

Schoolyard (3258 N Southport Ave.), is holding "Merry Mustachmas IV" December 12-13 to help celebrate the holidays.

Guys who visit the bar wearing a moustache will get a free beer. Women can have one of the bartenders draw a moustache on their face (unless you have an excess of testosterone, then come as you are).

If facial hair just isn't your thing, there's another way to grab a free drink at Schoolyard this month. The bar is also holding a Coats & Toys drive throughout December.

Anyone who donates an old jacket or toys receives a free happy hour certificate.

So if you see someone walking around the North Side with an old trench coat, a moustache and clutching toys, don't be alarmed. He's just trying to do a good deed.

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