Have a Question You'd Like Answered?

For decades, we in the "real media", have started each day with what we call the "morning meeting". It's an incredibly scientific process, where a roomful of professionally trained journalists gather around a table and make the tough decisions on what we think you should know. We look at that day's events. We assign the reporters. We watch the day unfold. We bring you the news.

You trust us. After all, we're professionals. Right?

OK, so maybe you're sitting there thinking that we certainly have an inflated sense of ourselves. You might even be right. That's why, starting now, we're swinging the door to that meeting wide open, and giving you a seat at the table. And we are calling that seat, "Good Question."

Turns out, you have some very good questions on a wide variety of topics. Things YOU actually want to know, rather than us simply telling you what you're going to get. And here's the best part: there are no rules. We want your questions on everything from politics, to science, to the city, state, and nation around you. We live in a place with a rich history. We want those questions, too. Chicago's crazy weather? Ditto. Government? You bet.

Go ahead and test us. Ask us why cabs are yellow. Ask if robins really are the first sign of spring. Why do they shout Opaa! in Greek restaurants? How many police are really on the street?

Can lie detectors be fooled? Did the Lady in Red really rat out Dillinger? Will the Cubs ever see another series?

OK, maybe not that last one.

But best of all, we'd like to not only hear from you, we'd like to see you, too. Every now and then we'll hit the streets. We want your emails, and if you have a webcam, you can send us your video questions as well. The address is: goodquestion@nbcchicago.com.

We won't be able to answer everything, but we'll give as many as we can our best shot, and you'll see the answers right here on NBCChicago.com and on NBC5. Let us hear from you. The news is a big, fascinating world, and it's an interactive one, too. We'd love to know ... what you want to know!

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