Golden Globe Gift Bags Feature Chicago Swagger

Local designer's headbands to be featured in gift bags

A Chicago designer is set to receive a bunch of free publicity when the Golden Globes air later this month.

Mireya Villarreal's Pink Pewter headbands will be inside the swag bags the stars receive at the hospitality suites and lounges.

Villarreal has come a long way since she designed a headband for her daughter on the kitchen table. She started giving the pieces away to friends and selling them in her mother's salon before taking it to the next level.

"I said I'm gonna grab a suitcase and put all of my headbands in them and go downtown and let's see what happens," Villarreal said.

Nine out of 10 of the stores she visited bought her accessories, and now the headbands are distributed nationwide and worn by young celebs such as Dakota Lamas, Letoya Luckett and Miley Cyrus's sister, Brandi.

But the Golden Globes exposure should expose Pink Pewter to a whole new audience. Look no farther Chicago's Suzanne Kopulos, whose upscale baby bags were featured swag at last year's Golden Globes. The experience had a direct impact on growing her fan base and sales, and helped her launch her Boujie Baby product line and

"For a small company based in the Midwest, it's hard to be able to reach that audience," Kopulos said.

The Golden Globes will be aired on NBC on Jan. 17.

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