The Glamour of Boystown

Kevin Brown,

Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for your budding little drag princess?

Head on over to Beatnix at Roscoe & Halsted to pick up the calendar they're sure to go all Lady Gaga over.

"The Glamour of Boystown Calendar"

That's right, boys and girls. The 2010 Glamour of Boystown calendar is out and proud. Inside you'll find photos of Boystown's biggest stars -- drag queens and kings aplenty. There's Miss Foozie, of course, but also Teri Yaki in the middle of a fireworks explosion, busty Ginger Grant in a hilarious mermaid getup, and Cyon Flare putting her Carnivale-inspired headdress to good use at the Bean sculpture in Millennium Park.

Some of the proceeds from the calendar sales go to the Victims of Hatred and Violence charity. So you can buy one and feel glamorous and good about yourself all at the same time.

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