Giant QR Codes Hit Chicago

Billboard-sized bar codes offer nearby deals

Smart phone addicts are probably already aware of QR or Quick Response codes -- those square-shaped, funky-looking bar codes that appear in magazines, train stations or even on business cards.

Now they're impossible to ignore. Chicago company is placing gigantic QR codes in locations around Chicago. The first 600 square foot code popped up near the corner of Polk and Clark streets in the South Loop.

Users can download one of many free QR code phone apps to their phone to scan the giant codes and instantly receive deals from local businesses within walking distance, and all you have to do is show the business the coupon on your phone.

South Loop businesses such as Jimmy Green's Sports Bar and Blackie's are utilizing the new technology. More codes are planned for locations around the city.

Yet one more reason to upgrade from that old flip phone.

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