Get Your Tickets To Blagojevich Night

Las Vegas Wranglers plan on having fun with Illinois' shamed Governor

This wasn't the greatest week ever for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as he was arrested after an investigation by the FBI revealed that Rod was doing everything in his power to sell the vacant senate seat left behind by President-elect Barack Obama, along with a number of other illegal discretions.  Since then Illinois politics has become the joke of the nation, quickly replacing Alaska politics as the center of the moron universe. 

Aside from being roasted on a nightly basis on political talk shows and being the butt of more than a few jokes by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, it appears the mocking of Blago will not be ending anytime soon.  In fact, the fun has even spread to the sports world.  The Las Vegas Wranglers are a hockey team in the ECHL, which is a mid-level professional hockey league, have decided they're going to host Blagojevich night on January 30th in a home game against the Victoria Salmon Kings -- which could be the greatest team name in sports.

What will Blagojevich night consist of?  Well, the Wranglers will unveil special new vintage prison uniforms, complete with horizontal black and white stripes.  Each player will also have his own prison number assigned to him, and as if all that wasn't enough, now for the piece de resistance.

There will be an open seat between the player's benches that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, a la Obama's vacant seat in the Senate.

How John McDonough and the Blackhawks didn't think of this first, we'll never know.

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