Plump Up for Valentine's Day

Doctor offers lip augmentation

Not all of us are blessed with the sultry full lips of Angelina Jolie. But the beauty of America is that you can buy what you God didn't give you.

Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory A. Weiner,  is offering Perma Facial Implant™ to augment your lips just in time for Valentine's Day.

According to Dr. Weiner, these permanent facial implants are safe, definitive solutions for tissue augmentation, and will not rupture or deflate. However, the implants can also be removed at any time.

Weiner says the device used to perform the procedure is patented, FDA-approved and designed for clinical use.

If you don't want to go the surgery route, Weiner suggests DuWop Lip Venom Products and LipFusion Lip Plumps glosses as less invasive over the counter alternatives for plumping your pout.

Either way, sultry full lips are just a swipe of the credit card away.

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