From Maps & Atlases to Archers of Loaf, Ten Best Bets for This Weekend's A.V. Fest

Chicago, you may've noticed, is not exactly lacking in summer music festivals these days. But leave it to the pop culture obsessives of the A.V Club, who'll throw their inaugural A.V. Fest this Saturday and Sunday outside of the Hideout, to fill a niche we didn't even think we had anymore. This weekend's A.V. Fest sports a killer blend of promising new acts, must-see 90s throwbacks, and a few most-appealing curveballs. From epic Urbana grunge-poppers Hum to Clen Snide frontman Eef Barzelay doing Journey covers, the AV Fest's first round hasn't even gotten underway yet, and it's already among the most welcome additions to the Chicago summer festival scene.

A.V. Fest kicks off at 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Though there's no advanced tickets, the capacity-minded A.V. Clubbers ask that you RSVP here, offering the added enticement of VIP tickets. There'll be a $10 donation at the door, with some proceeds going to very good cause Rock for Kids. Here, we've lined up a few of our favorite acts from the weekend.

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