#StrideInspiration: Keep Yourself Motivated This Weekend

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Happy weekend, runners! Finish out the week strong and cap it off with a run tonight. Feeling tired and listless? I know it's hard to get out the door when the week has beat you down, so here's a little inspiration from a champion on how to stay self-motivated.

"People make a big mistake when they say, 'I need to be motivated.' You motivate yourself. I might inspire somebody, but that person has to be motivated within themselves first. Look inside yourself, believe in yourself, put in the hard work, and your dreams will unfold."

-Billy Mills, 10,000-meter Olympid gold medalist at the 1964 Tokyo Games. 

What keeps you motivated and running? Got a favorite quote that helps you hit the trails? Let us know on Twitter at @StrideNBC with the hashtag #StrideInspiration and we'll post it next week!

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