Friday #StrideInspiration


Another week done, and another weekend here. Just before the holiday season, it can be hard to stay motivated, but here's a great quote from one of our very own to remind you that it's not the pace but the will that matters in your workouts this weekend. 

"You ARE a runner. You don't have to run fast to be a runner. You don't have to be skinny to be a runner. You don't have to run marathons to be a runner. You only have to want to run. Take your first step along your path to joyful running right now by writing down all the reasons you can't run, can't be fit, and can't possibly become an athlete. Then crumple up that list with all the force you can muster and toss it in the trash. Not the trash can in your kitchen, where you can get it back out and try on those 'can'ts' again for size, but in the trash by the curb. Trash those can'ts. You can run. You are a runner."

This excerpt comes from "No Need for Speed," by Chicago's very own John "The Penguin" Bingham, marathoner, author and columnist who prides himself not on his PRs and racking up medals, but simply on finishing and his joy in running. His best marathon time (and he's done 40) is two hours over the world record-- but that's the beauty of his style. His goals are attainable and time doesn't tell the story of his race. 

Check out this 2004 piece in the Chicago Reader on Bingham, and as you're running this weekend, remember what you love and why you started in the first place. Got any other thoughts that keep you motivated? Leave a comment below, or tweet us at @StrideNBC with the hashtag #StrideInspiration and we'll post them next week! 

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