French Runner Completes Thrilling Come-From-Behind Victory


If there's one thing a track coach will always tell you, it's to run through the finish line. And never let up at the end of race.

The same could be said for a marathon or any long-distance race. Or life, if you want to get deep about it.

Case in point, the video of the women's 4x400 meter final at the European Championships earlier this month which is burning up Youtube right now.

The French team was for all intents and purposes out of the race, but anchor leg runner Floria Guei had other ideas and came from way behind to win. Extraordinaire indeed!

And yes, it looked like the Ukranian runner in the lead let up a bit thinking the race was in the bag and didn't even lean at the tape.

Run "through" the line and finish the race. It could be the difference between obtaining your personal best time or being forced to go back to the drawing board to reach your goals.

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