Former Chicago Prep Star Faces Time Behind Bars

Williams Injured In Crash

A man who police say took part in a violent bank robbery this weekend was once a football player and coach for King High School on the South Side.

Shon Williams, along with another man, walked into a bank in Buffalo Grove at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday with guns in hand, police said. Williams and the other man then tied people in the bank and managed to grab nearly $12,000 before the teller hit the alarm. Williams then led police on a high-speed chase into Chicago that ended in a crash, which injured a police officer and Williams, police said.

"This kind of robbery is what we consider a 'takeover' bank robbery," said Cmdr. Steve Husak of the Buffalo Grove Police Department. "Which, it's announced very loudly, weapons are shown and pointed at people."

NBC5's Rob Stafford reported that in the 80s, Williams was a star tackle for King High School who played college football at the University of Miami. 

"He was one of the top players in the nation," said fellow coach and former tight end James McCatherine.

NBC5's Rob Stafford reported that while McCatherine feared facing Williams in a game, off the field Williams was a friend, and was a member of the National Honor Society.

"You would often see him give kids money to get home on the bus," McCatherine said. "Or, take a kid all the way to the West Side (who) needed a ride home."

Williams was married, worked an office job, and was the godfather of McCatherine's little girl, Stafford reported. Williams gave no indication of where or when he took a wrong turn, McCatherine added.

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