Berry Beautiful

A Fresh Pick in beauty products

You’re either in, or you’re out. And blueberries are definitely in.

From blueberry mascara to blueberry-scented body wash, rich berry tones are no longer just good to put on a salad. With Tone’s Antioxidant Body Wash with Blueberry & Vitamins, you get a “scentsational” berry-scented lather in the shower, coupled with age-fighting antioxidants and blueberry extract for pure moisture.
The product popularity contest continues with Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara. We thought it was a little strange that fruit was making its way into our mascara, but it turns out its all for good reason. The nourishing arctic blueberry seed oil in the formula helps to keep lashes strong and healthy.
But no product is quite as creamy and gloriously decadent as the Body Shop Body Butter in Blueberry. The thick body butter and rich scent of berries is enough to have us begging for more daily servings of fruit.  
Looks like the blueberry is now good for you both inside and out.
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