Screw Stud Leather Bracelet

Hardware in the form of jewelry

Krista K

WHAT A STUD: Sass up a wardrobe with a studded silver screw bracelet by CC Skye. The 100 percent leather cuff has badass hardware detail. $105. Available at Krista K;  3458 N. Southport Ave; 773.248.1967

INVESTMENT PIECE: Get some vintage that will last you a lifetime at Sofia Vintage  like this black classic Chanel purse. They never said a down economy meant no vintage shopping, after all. Sofia Vintage; 1165 N Clark, Suite 400; 312.640.0878

ANIMAL INSTINCT: Indulge in animalistic urges with this Zebra Mirror with Mane, made of genuine zebra hide from Jayson Home and Garden. It demands attention in any room.
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